To All Macross Fans...

In 1980, one of the seminal anime series ever created began its three-season run... Super Dimensional Fortress Macross.


In 1984, a movie was made, Do You Remember Love? It. re-told a summary version of the main romance from the TV show. Much of the story had to be changed to fit three seasons into two hours, so it's not exactly the same story, but still very very good.


In 1987, the only officially licensed English dub of the movie was released, Clash of the Bionoids (no, really). It is considered by some to be the worst English dub of anything ever.


While it doesn't actually deserve that honor, it did do some fairly awful things to the story and the characters. Most notably, it mistranslated several very important lines... completely altering the personalities of the characters and drastically changing the emotions of several scehes.


    For example:
  • It changed some challenging feedback which Roy gave to Hayase into chauvanist drivel,
  • It changed Minmei's most heartrending lines (a) from an expression of regret into a delusional flight from reality, and (b) from a cry of despair and grief into a heartless, selfish complaint,
  • It botched Hayase's most emotional reaction moment, and
  • It completely missed Hikaru's single most critical line in the entire movie!


And then, disaster struck!


In the following years, subtitlers and subbing groups apparently took their cues from these errors in the dub, and included them in their fansubs... copying these mistakes and thereby spreading them out into Enlish-speaking otakudom to be accepted as fact.


Many if not most fans now honestly believe that the lies they have read on-screen in the versions they've watched for thrity years are the truth. They have had no reason to doubt what they have seen, and they have no idea what these wonderful characters really said.


The damage is widespread, and multi-generational.


But fortunately, this movie is now being re-translated. Dragonfly Fansubs has corrected the most egregious slanders and restored our characters to their true personalities. By correcting some of the most important lines in the movie, we have also restored a lot of feeling that was washed out of past versions. We confidently proclaim that the painful parts now hurt more, and the joyful moments are stronger. We didn't write it that way, we just put back in what was taken out.


The translation process is non-linear. We began by correcting the lines listed above. Then we went on to some of the more troublesome lines... things which are just difficult to get into English well. Then we went on to the songs, surprised to discover that even they had errors... errors which are repeated on lyrics pages across the web!


The Zentradi language poses a number of problems, with different approaches available for how to handle it. This was, honestly, one of the most fun parts of this work.


The translation process is iterative and ongoing. It is far from finished. But we feel that what remains is nitpicking and polishing. We feel the important work has been completed. We feel that what we have done to date is finally worthy to be released to the world, where it hopefully may begin to correct some three-decades-old misperceptions about this story and the characters in it.


For the first time ever, English-reading audiences may now finally meet these wonderful characters as Japanese speakers have always known them!


If you're a fan of any of the Macross sequels, or if you're an old-time fan who is now curious about what you might have been missing out on for all these years... or if you just want to watch a really good movie... we invite you to enjoy our work.